AJ Clemente Drops the F-bomb on His First Night as TV Anchor

AJ Clemente, on his first/last day on KFYR

AJ Clemente, on his first/last day on KFYR

How do you screw up your first day on the job? Ask AJ Clemente, he may have tips for you.

One of everyone’s nightmares, especially of people who work in front of the camera is to say something stupid or bad on air. Well, our AJ Clemente of KFYR, who I’m sure is actually a nice guy behind the camera happened to have a not-so-good day during his first night on TV. How bad was his day?

Well he did just say “f*ckin-sh*t” on mic…on air, to be watched by thousands of Bismarck, North Dakota viewers.

The only thing we could say is, I hope everyone living in Bismarck, North Dakota is Ozzy Osborne.

Good thing is our buddy AJ was very apologetic for his gaffe, as he wrote on twitter:


If you think of it, AJ’s little F-bomb was divine compared to what Bill O’Reilly did years ago.

What do you think? How should TV Networks deal with live gaffes like AJ Clemente’s? Tell us in the comments.